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Dry Verge Services in Hertfordshire

We offer dry verge services in St Albans and the areas around it. Supreme Roofing also provides installation, repair and maintenance services of Dry Verges. Mortar pointing is not required for dry verges and ridges. Usually, mortar shrinks as time elapses and might also fall eventually, which allows water to seep in through the cracks in the roof.

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At Supreme Roofing Services, we offer dry verge services in Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas. This includes installation, repair, and maintenance of dry verges and ridges.

Mortar pointing is not required for dry verges and ridges, as it can shrink and fall over time, allowing water to seep in through the cracks in the roof. Dry verge products offer a clean and finished look as they are manufactured to fit specific tile profiles and prevent gaps from forming around the edges of tiled roofs.

Dry verges and ridges are typically made of PVC-U and use a clip fixing system of end caps for easy installation. They are weatherproof, maintenance-free, and available in different colours to match the tiles and colour of your roof. They can be used on new build roofs or for existing verge renewal.

Advantages of Dry Ridge System

  • They do not blow off under normal conditions and there is no risk associated with them during storms
  • They require no maintenance
  • They provide excellent ventilation in the roof space and prevent condensation build-ups
    They eliminate the risk of damage due to wind or water seepage caused by the movement of the roof.
  • If you’re looking for a durable, low-maintenance and weatherproof solution for your roof, contact Supreme Roofing Services for a free consultation and estimate for dry verge services.

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